Inspired by Vintage, by Wayne Hemingway

12:56 19 August in Events, Industry News

Wayne Hemingway on the Vintage Festival 2011 and his latest venture, Crown Vintage Paints:

The Vintage Festival this year saw us take over London’s Southbank Centre from 29th – 31st July for the first time as part of the ongoing celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, and what a blast  it was. If it was vintage, it was there!

Gerardine and I used this year’s festival as a platform to launch our new project with Crown Paints too –Crown Vintage® – a new range of 30 flat matt emulsions for interior walls and ceilings, inspired by music, fashion, film, art and design across five decades of British cool and exclusive to Homebase.

Crown Vintage® is a perfect fit with us and the wider work we do. We love collaborating with brands that have a heritage; that’s something that has always been important to us. We have an interest in painting, decorating and popular culture! So much so, we have our own, very big collection– The Land of Lost Content a museum in Craven Arms Shropshire – which includes much of the old Crown advertising. And of course, we love working with a brand that’s based in our hometown, Blackburn with Darwen.

The collection was inspired by an enduring love of vintage, timeless design and the Vintage Festival. With evocative names like Chelsea Girl®, Bell Bottoms® and Free Love®, the collection is aimed to help and inspire consumers to bring an element of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s vintage cool into their own homes.

1970s - Free Love & Mean Mustard

1970s - Free Love & Mean Mustard

Vintage has always been important to us and plays a big part in how we approach our own home. Our house looks modern but the vast majority of items are things we’ve sourced and found ourselves. We don’t slavishly follow fashion and trends and we feel that is what allows us to be creative. Vintage is about looking at timeless elements of design and finding and creating an enduring style. It allows you to be creative in the way you use products. If you’re looking to use vintage there are many ways to make it look different.

One starting point might be to collect images from other eras on the internet, then use them as inspiration. You can match second hand items with more modern pieces and use paint to make a style statement on walls. We see the Crown Vintage® range as being a hard-working palette that can help people draw inspiration from different decades. How you use them is up to you, you could have Rock a Billy Blue® – from the 1940s-inspired range , then Mean Mustard® – from the 1970s range. It’s all about what works for you.

1940s - Enamel Green & Rock A Billy Blue

1940s - Enamel Green & Rock A Billy Blue

Talking of the 1970s, what an inspirational decade it was. So much was happening then – starting with David Bowie and ending with Rare Groove. We were dancing to Northern Soul, listening to funk, disco, watching punk bands and by the end of the decade, Joy Division. It started me on my design path and made me realise that there could be a different way of doing things. We never thought we were going to be designers because it wasn’t the kind of thing that happened to people where we lived!

Britain has a particularly rich history of design which is manifesting itself now in the huge surge of overseas students applying to our wonderful art and design colleges. We’ve got this fantastic history of creativity across so many areas; film, art, music and fashion and it’s this melting pot that makes us stand out.

But what will the future bring for design? The idea of personalisation and creating something bespoke will become even more important. It is already here – you can design your own Nike football boot for example – but it will also become more significant for interiors. We’ll see a move back towards DIY. People are looking to make do and mend more than buying off the shelf. We’re becoming a thriftier, more thoughtful nation, which is why growing your own produce has become so popular and there is a surge in the sales of sewing machines too.”

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