Innovation & Ideas at the May Design Series 2013

Innovation & Ideas at the May Design Series 2013

11:53 19 June in Industry News

The 1st May Design Series held at the Excel this year had a host of diverse suppliers from Kbb LDN, The ARC Show, DX and Interior LDN.  There were plenty of inspiration and ideas housed on one place for your all your design needs.

Apart form the range of products and suppliers I came across, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation series (accredited CPD seminar programs) held through out the three-day event.

One of Sunday’s talks was hosted by SBID president Vanessa Brady and Managing Director of ING, Leanne Tritton and as Vanessa was speaking I attended to see how it could relate to interior designers.

Conversation series Vanessa Brady & Leanne Tritton “Business Briefing: Marketing for Architects”

Vanessa’s tips on how we as interior designers can promote our selves to win new business was very useful since this year started out on my own in the interior design industry.

  • Vanessa mentioned that some times you may have to meet clients 2 – 3 times before they will decide they are going to use you.  The 1st job you do will be our biggest PR. So keep the conversation going.
  • Make friends with your local Estate agent who will have contact with new homeowners who may need your services.
  • Get planning list from the local council and connect with people who may be able to introduce you to potential clients.
  • When you are introduced to people your relationship depends on how quickly you respond to them.
  • Build emotional connection with our client and visit them after a few months of completing a project as a good will gesture and ask if all is well and is there any thing else they may need doing.  In doing this they may offer you more work in their home or they may refer you to their friends.
  • We must be aware of how we present ourselves, and be known as being some one who targets at doing something specific.
  • On social media create a DNA of who you are and what you do so that people become aware of you.
  • But most of all value what you are worth and they will pay you.

The advice given by Vanessa was like jewels as we all listened intently.

Conversation series “Passionate about design” by Karim Rashid

Monday’s conversation series called “Passionate about design” was led by Karim Rashid a New York based “prolific” interior designer and a DJ. in his spare time.  Rashid talk about how the move from analogue to digital world has changed the way we live today and as such we must design in a way that meets the needs of this change.  He calls the change “A design revolution”.

His philosophy for designing is we must look to the future and not look back.  If you look to the past for inspiration then you are simply styling and not actually designing.  We must design to create a better future, a better world and therefore a better experience.  So when you are designing you are creating an experience.  If today’s design is shaping a contemporary world then we must look at contemporary criteria.  The more criteria we have the more creative we can be.

We design in 2D & 3D.  2D & 3D designs are static.  When we take our design from 3D to 4D we are designing in time and time is not static.  4D design moves with time and therefore experience (human experience).  So we need to be present here and now and design accordingly.

Observe – Respond – Manifest & Dispatch

He concludes his talk by tell us “make your hobby your work”.  Softer curves with no corners and seamless lines make a small space appear bigger.  Don’t be afraid to change a design for the better when there is something to add.  Your design can shape peoples lives where every thing works.  It’s seamless.  Do things that are unheard of e.g. put rubber flooring in the bathroom instead of ceramic.  Rubber is also 10 times cheaper than ceramic.

View his work at

Written by interior designer & SBID member Sangeeta Goyal


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