Volume 7 Issue 4

SBID interior design magazine, eSociety, Volume 7 Issue 4

Volume 7 Issue 4

Winning Design 

Every issue of eSociety showcases some of the most exciting and original interior design in the UK. This issue is no different, of course; in fact, I’d say this magazine goes even further than usual because its pages are full of award winning design, chosen by some of the most esteemed figures in global creativity. The Portfolio section, which starts on page 29, features all the category winners from the 2018 SBID International Design Awards. It’s an opportunity to see some of the most inspiring interior design from around the world. A glance at the calibre of the winning entries and you’ll understand why winning an SBID Award is a truly great achievement.
For more breathtaking design, don’t miss our interview on page 17 with Joe Ferry of the luxury hospitality brand Belmond. The Art and Design Director for the global firm gives us an insight into how he uses sublime design across Belmond’s different products and locations to create the essence of the brand. The spaces Joe creates are truly awe-inspiring and I know this feature will appeal to everyone interested in creativity and heritage. Since it was founded, SBID has always endeavoured to bridge the gap between learning and earning. We do this by ensuring that university courses are fit-for-purpose through accreditation, supporting students to connect with future employers and by championing rising talent through student competitions.
For our most recent student competition – Designed for Business – we partnered with BE OPEN Foundation to offer a life-changing £30,000 cash prize. With such high stakes, the competition was tough. After much deliberation the judging panel, which included representatives from some of the UK’s biggest companies, selected Katarina Spenerova as overall winner. You can see the winning project and find out how Katarina intends to use the winnings to develop her career in our News section on page 6. Elsewhere in the issue you will find the usual inspiring and informative mix of news, products, expert business advice and industry insights. There are so many insights to take away. Design excellence – that’s SBID in a nutshell!

Eleanor O’Kane


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