Volume 4 Issue 2

Volume 4 Issue 2

Looking ahead
With a new government comes an injection of hope for the design industry as investors and homeowners alike look to five years of stability ahead. In tandem with this leadership result we are launching the 2015 SBID Awards; turn to page 17 for more details. We have been consulting our members in the KBB industry, asking suppliers, manufacturers and designers how the market is looking. The influence of cash in the system breeds a confidence for luxury, which is a change from the past few years of humble balance and low-key display. Prosperity is reflected in the feel-good factor of design and how the sector is evolving within business generally. This evolution is something that old hands of our great profession have witnessed. Talking of which, in this issue we speak to Peter McFerran; turn to page 14 to read about his family heritage. Peter is the type of professional that has made design great; his heritage in furniture-making echoes our industry’s journey.

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE

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