Volume 3 Issue 1

Volume 3 Issue 1

I am delighted to report that SBID is party to some really exciting developments concerning education and accreditation. We have signed an agreement with the leading British KBB bodies to offer the first properly recognised qualification for designers working in the kitchen,
bathroom and bedroom sector. This qualification is long overdue in what is an increasingly important part of our industry.

As the sole British representative on the Council, we are already talking to universities about incorporating the Charter’s recommendations into how we operate in the UK. These advances are important because they are crucial to improving standards in our industry. They are some
of the ways in which we can help our members to compete in what is an increasingly global marketplace. In this issue, we devote space to celebrating the winners in the latest SBID International Design Awards. If there is anyone in doubt about the creativity and vitality of our industry, the work of our award winners, and of all the award finalists, should put paid to their concerns.

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE

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