Issue 2 Autumn 2012

Issue 2 Autumn 2012

We are fortunate to be living in a time of industry increased energy within design. For the first time, around the world there is a coming together by national organisation leaders, with a collective view to work together through a united standard.

SBID had partnered with organisations from 20 countries, each promoting the standard to practice as a professional. As part of our constitution, SBID adopted the standard of practice and code of conduct set by the European Council of Interior Architecture (ECIA). In addition, in 2013, the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) will launch the European- relevant competence exam represented solely by SBID.

We are entering a time of opportunity. If we unite to retain the sentiment of what a design ‘society’ can become, collectively we can increase business opportunity and build a better future and sustainable life for the next generation.

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE

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