University Recognition

Supporting recognised interior design qualifications through university recognition

SBID pioneered engagement between universities and industry in the UK in its founding year, until that time education and employment had not overlapped or engaged and so SBID was appointed to assess national interior design course content for suitability to the corporate environment. It remains the unique design body with this credential. Ten years on, the ten SBID regions covering the nation each have direct university connections to SBID amounting to 97 universities engaged with SBID by 2018. By 2019 each regional location was recognised with a centre of excellence and collectively these locations represent a diverse offer of courses at varying levels of expertise to provide education and training for everyone regardless of personal limitations.

SBID separates its accrediation into 3 tiers, Recognised, Accredited and Centres of Excellence.

SBID recognised universities are those whose course modules meet the SBID standards for interior design training but have not applied the SBID Accredited course module structure recommended to ensure a student will receive the highest standard of training required to become a professional interior designer.

The following Universities are recognised by SBID

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