Transforming interior design education

SBID is the professional body recognised to accredit the interior design courses of degree awarding universities by the Key Information Set (KIS). We directly support students in a number of ways; we facilitate internships, mentoring opportunities and showcase rising talent through our international student competition, Get Me 2 The Top. We also promote scholarships, other student awards and competitions. SBID is the only UK design destination route to the European Education Charter; it’s linked to eighteen countries in Europe and provides possibilities for student and university exchange as part of the government’s education policy requirement.

The ECIA and SBID aim to further the quality of education in the sector and enhance the exchange of people, services and knowledge. We endorse interior design university courses that meet the criteria of the European Charter of Education (ECIA) through accreditation. SBID is the only approved and authorised destination in the UK to provide this course accreditation.

Supporting interior design courses

SBID are proud to promote the next generation of trained and qualified professionals by supporting university interior design degree courses. SBID created six accredited learning modules which have been adopted by universities in the UK as part of a BA interior design degree course.

This accreditation provides comfort to employers when recruiting and therefore enhanced employment opportunities will help students to decide the university with the most appropriate facilities for their personal skills.

In 2009, under a Memorandum of Understanding between SBID and educators at a variety of universities, groups and forums, an agreement was formed to improve the outcome of course content for a career in the commercial environment. However, due to varying outcomes, in review SBID dissolved the initiative. In 2011, the initiative was revived only with individual universities empowered to provide an interior design degree.

SBID-accredited courses in the UK

The following universities offer SBID-accredited design courses. Each course is examined independently by expert representatives of ECIA and SBID.

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