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Depending on the Country and religious belief, spring is the time of celebration of a new beginning. In the UK as a Christian country, we celebrate Easter, symbols abound of a rebirth, from eggs that represent new life to flowers. A great time if celebration for the children they get a holiday and chocolate, adults renovate and decorate their homes and off we go again on another financial quarter. Easter is also the beginning of the financial tax year, new budgets, risks, aims and plans. It’s the time to reload.

Golden Egg

SBID has finalised its building and now plans to unveil the future. We all start to act upon our plans, whether that be business, commercial project or simply home decorating.

Statistics show that Easter is the busiest time of the year for home improvement and B&Q (the second largest DIY retailer in the world) will take more money across the counter in the next four days than at any other time in the year. The consumer will suffer more accidents and cause more damage to their homes carrying out these improvements than at any other time in the year and often the money thought to have been saved in diy carried out by the home-enthusiast is counterbalanced in lost income, increased professional repairs and medical bills.

In our wonderful climate of all-day summer sunshine across the Country, restaurants are full and pavement cafes heave as the British now begin to complain about the heat and unwind in the sun …unless of course you are a designer, a designer will sit and ..continually ‘pick’ a designer will form an opinion of the table (its shape, dimensions, colour, material and the room plan layout, storing all the form that is wrong about it. And yes, of course every one of them could do it better.

If the profession can’t agree, then how can the consumer possibly trust and select a professional?


I think its simple, I suppose it has to be like every other profession, simply by measured qualification with added natural ability, the ever mentioned tacit skill I always flag as the natural element  and an understanding of business expectations to perform, deliver and conduct  a project or Brief to a recognised standard. The SBID standard. So how that ideal is interpreted and changes around the Country, and how that required knowledge and understanding differs is a variation of competitive sector and qualification formed at a local level around the Country. We accept this is also the case with income, fees and opportunity.

This is where I now hand over to our fantastic team, it takes a long time to build a team, the right team. It is a process of shaping and guiding as well as directing and standing back to review and reshape, sometimes it’s the right person in the wrong place or at the wrong time, but whatever it is, it takes time. I have not always believed that the product is as important as the people. SBID begins a new year and the blog will now be run by those SBID was created for; the blog will now be run by you. Starting with our regional directors, our advisory board, our expert panels and our dream team in the office we will bring you a flavour of Britain and beyond on any subject you wish to embrace, moan about, congratulate or share.  If you would like to comment or write a blog just tell us. Sbid is formed for professionals to showcase their skill, their products, their science, their education and their concerns. At every level of competitiveness it is a destination to showcase the best for the best with the best. We exist for improvement. Only for the best.


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