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Sometimes customer complaints and disputes arise when client expectations have not been managed correctly. In 2009, SBID introduced stringent standards setting out the first code of conduct and grades of competence in the UK generally the profession of interior design has improved year on year. SBID designers are regularly recruited on repeat occasions by their clients and obtain many commissions from recommendations rather than paid promotions.

Although most clients are content with the service received from their interior designer, when a problem does arise you want direction and speedy resolve. SBID understands that, because we understand the business of design.


What do I do if I have an issue with my Interior Designer?

If you have a customer complaint, first we recommend you keep an audit trail, and ensure a neutral third party is copied when you sense things might be going wrong. Discuss it with the designer, lay out the issue by email or letter and explain what you expect to happen to resolve your complaint and where appropriate, provide a reasonable deadline for the response.


Generally disputes result from misunderstandings and are resolved without the intervention of a third party.

If, however, you cannot reach agreement and feel or have evidence that the designer has acted unprofessionally or unethically, you should follow these simple steps to seek a speedy resolve with minimum cost.


Verify SBID Membership and status;



File Complaint



If you need any further assistance, please contact us


Reviewing the Complaint

The SBID team will process your complaint but are not responsible for reviewing or determining the merits or outcome of any complaint. The review is undertaken following a strict process laid down by the ethics committee. Read about the complaints procedure here



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