SBID's Vanessa Brady image in London for blog article representing the business of Interior Design

SBID represents the business interests of Interior Designers & Architects

15:45 18 September in Interior News & Business

Founder of SBID, Dr Vanessa Brady OBE represents the business of interior design and the business interests of Interior Designers & Architects, along with Product Manufacturers, at the All Party Lobby group for SME Business at the House of Commons.

The Genesis Initiative was formed to improve the debate on SMEs and create economic reform. The senates voice for SME, which is is the backbone of the British economy, aims to achieve economic and structural reforms that enables business to flourish. The SBID consults across the UK with the design industry and twice yearly provides the results of the consultation to the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee meeting held at Threadneedle Street, London.

Representing the interior design sector by presenting insight into the industry’s current business conditions and prospects for improving productivity, SBID invite SBID Accredited Designers and Suppliers to provide feedback by filling out a survey regarding the preparations for the EU withdrawal:


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