Bring the Outside In

Bring the Outside In

14:44 08 January in Industry News

As winter draws in and the days become increasingly shorter, the desire to venture out into the great outdoors becomes less appealing.

However, the latest design trend for Winter 2013 is set to bring the organic features of nature into your home. Rather than merely focusing on elements of wood or stone, the raw materials trend looks to embrace these materials in their true sense, without any varnish, paint or embellishment.


An interesting addition to this trend is the inclusion of raw stones such as crystals, geodes and gems, which although may be rugged and rough in appearance, add an essence of understated glamour. We’ve been particularly impressed by this chair, created by artist James Shaw, which was formed through using wood waste and bio-resin, giving the appearance of a lichen-covered forest floor.


The raw materials trend should also be embraced by anyone wishing to add texture or pattern to a room.

For example, these new porcelain planks from Fired Earth, which replicate the surface of reclaimed wood, would be the perfect bathroom addition for a rustic but practical look.

However, if you’re not feeling a full room renovation, artfully placed accessories can be just as effective, for example polished twigs displayed in an elegant vase.

Author Vincent Cullane, Creative Director of Increation

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