Battle for Business from the Home (and other Interiors)

Battle for Business from the Home (and other Interiors)

14:51 08 October in Industry News

London Design Festival…  so, did it go with a Bang, or was it just a whisper in the Capital… I don’t know, you’re better qualified to understand your opinion on that than I am. What I can say, with absolute conviction, is that – if the designers of the UK want it to – The London Design Festival could and should become the most important design event in the World for interiors and their elemental products. With London becoming the design capital of the World… and the very discipline of Design earning that capital D and starting to take its proper place in the mind of the consuming public.

Currently, amongst the creative industries vying for space in consumer’s minds, Film and Music, Fashion and Sport probably take the biggest slices, with Painting, Sculpting, Literature and Photography not that far behind. Those disciplines have more awards and more glamour attached to them than logic can understand.

The actors… have found themselves places in our psyche that sees us listening to their advice on World Peace… or in some Country’s having them as national leaders.

How, why?

And… Why in such an influential field of design as the spaces where we work and live… home, or office, or hotel do we not have as many A-listers in demand from the media and spreading the word to gain the fattest -of-all slices of cerebral consideration as well as wallet content from homeowners and lifestyle specifiers.

Design of living and working areas is far more influential on a 24/7 basis to our happiness, maybe even social stability, than any of the others mentioned. Okay, perhaps a beautifully written book can transport us, for a few hours, to a place we could never otherwise hope to reach… perhaps a well cut collar and cuff can give us the confidence to take the chance, in the moment, of introducing ourselves to someone who we want to influence… maybe a piece of music can fill our souls with tranquillity for a while, but all the while, all around us the design of our living-spaces will be working on us too.. done badly they will be emptying out the tranquillity that the music put in there.

So be-gone with the Oscars and the Bafta’s and the League Championships and the Cups, the Booker Prizes and the Brits & the Grammy’s… they are recognising the lesser achievements, let’s start adopting their attitudes, bigging-up our arts and accomplishments – with awards and festivals and qualifications and superstar-level spokes-people to drive the noise levels that next year’s London Design Festival makes, way beyond the Bang and closer to the Nuclear…

… and do it before Milan does, or New York, or much worse… Paris!

  Author: Richard Moss, Director SBID

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