As an SBID member, you can register your idea quickly and easily using the form here to ensure your ideas have Intellectual Property Protection.

Registration can give you the following benefits:



If you’re an interior designer, you’re investing a lot of time and money researching and creating either a design concept or a physical product. If your creative idea is copied, your intellectual property has been breached.

The SBID register is a management tool for designers to ensure their work is legally protected and will notify you when the protections expire.


Easy access to your registration documents

In the case of a breach of IP, the register allows TM Eye to quickly find the relevant registration of the design to pursue an investigation. At the moment TM Eye can spend months tracking down where designs have been registered and the required associated statements due to designers often forgetting details of the specified registration; This register will ensure there is a complete audit trail.


Recovery or Prevention

Unlike other IP registrations and destinations, the SBID Register has identified and provided the solution for the missing link; enforcing punishment for such criminality. Ultimately this initiative provides a route to recovery or prevention. This will bring interior design in line with the fashion and music industries as the creative industries come together to protect the commercial value of brand IP.

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