Getting inspired at the May Design Series

Getting inspired at the May Design Series

14:55 03 July in Industry News

Innovative Material experience by Materia at the May Design Series

Materia is a global network in the field of innovative materials.

  • Wallpaper made of rejected roses petals where natural glue has been used to stick the ironed petals on to wallpaper.
  • Swarovski crystal fabric made from cut and uncut Swarovski crystals is embedded in a carrier material, which is then produced into sheets of stunning fabric.
  • Textile and concrete fabric by architect Ruth Morrow and textile designer Trish Belford.
  • Lace like mesh material made from extruded polyurethane wire, which is metallized and feels and behaves quite rubbery.  Available in bronze, silver, clear, red, navy and black.

Inspirational Lighting designs

Some of my favorite lighting designs:

  • Fiber optic decorative lighting by Sharon Marston
  • Innovative design by Inspired by design
  • Hand blown glass lighting by Bob Crooks of First Glass
  • Cast bronze table lamp by Cox London

Innovative out door lighting, and Planters

Vendom a young, innovative and dynamic company collaborates with major international designers to create Avant-grade indoors and out door furniture, planter, lighting and outdoors rugs.

Kitchen and Bathroom designs

  • Poggenphol the leading luxury German kitchen manufacturer launched its stunning matt lacquer door to the UK market at Kbb LND 2013.
  • Castello luxury bathtub the “Rose Bud” has been designed with sustainability and ergonomics in mind to fit even the smallest of bathrooms.  The shape hugs you around the shoulders and the narrower width envelops you in a deep immersion and conserves water.  Only 120L of water is needed for a full body soak compared with 140L – 160L needed with most luxury bathtubs.

Sustainable Flooring

  • RE/COVER green floor by Vorex are made form almost 90% regenerative natural raw materials

castor oil and rapeseed oil to produce aesthetically pleasing, safe (no toxic emissions, fire resistance, non-slip and highly durable for commercial use) flooring that has low life cycle costs.

Wall Finishes

  • Badgers of Bohemia hand paint beautiful images of animals and foliage inspired by the opulence of the past.  This is then digitally printed into wallpapers for the creation of exquisitely exotic interiors.
  • Armourcoat remain at the forefront of decorative surface solution with their polished plaster and high performance surface finishes in 3D sculptural effects.  The innovative panel systems are assembled with outstanding technical excellence.

Furniture and Textile Design

  • Nobody & Co as a world made the 24-carat Bibliochaise premier for INTERIORS LDN in 2013.  The chair was first launched in 2006 when it made its mark and is now a design cult classic.
  • Textile by Abraham Moon & Sons founded in 1837 is one of the last woolen mills left in the UK.

Producing high quality luxurious fabrics in heritage designs form new lambs wool for domestic and contract sectors.  The fabrics can be used for furnishing and curtains.

Written by interior designer & SBID member Sangeeta Goyal

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