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SBID membership provides professional interior designers and manufacturers with a competitive business advantage. It endorses professional knowledge and ability and demonstrates a commitment to delivering the highest possible standards in professional interior design.

Raising your business profile:

  • Unrivalled networking opportunities with like-minded companies, professional designers, key industry opinion formers and financial institutions. This includes invitations to ‘members only’ SBID sponsored events, forums and trade missions, enabling you to engage with members across all industry sectors.
  • License to demonstrate your commitment to excellence by using the SBID accreditation symbol on personal and corporate marketing materials and websites.
  • Exclusive access to new markets via transferable international membership rights and accreditations through the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) and the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) in USA & Canada.
  • Membership of an ethical organisation that promotes the industry in government. SBID is represented at both Houses of Parliament and the Bank of England.
  • Access to SBID exclusive agreements within the insurance, business finance, asset management, health & safety, employment and travel sectors.


  • Invitations to SBID sponsored events for ‘members only’ forums and trade missions
  • Feature products and projects in our newsletters, magazine, website, social media networks and blogs
  • Complimentary company/agency listing on our website
  • Access to ‘live’ design projects via the designer enquiry/request form on the SBID website.

SBID Interior Design Membership

Interior design membership with SBID means recognition in the industry. It represents the professional knowledge and experience you have gained through recognised qualifications and design projects, or those which you are committed to achieving. In addition to a strong reputation, membership provides an array of benefits including access to new design job opportunities, exclusive news, events, trade offers and a chance to feature in SBID’s publications. For professionals who are ready to make significant business advances, attain challenging goals, share their enthusiasm for the industry and meet the eligibility criteria, membership is awaiting.

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