What We Do

“In creative endeavours, education often sits in the shadow of ‘natural ability’ and yet it lays the foundation of shared knowledge which allows individuals and industries to truly grow. Education gives a full kit of tools that can be used to create designs, which feed the spirit as well as providing practical living spaces”.
Richard Moss

The development of an emerging industry can only proceed in unison, across all sectors. We achieve this through the scientific, legal and business development work organised by the Society.

Britain has an abundance of talent and innovation. Our universities are turning out talented, trained professionals who require work experience to develop skills. They are also entering a business world and an industry where it is increasingly important to think and act globally. Which is why SBID has created an international educational exchange. In 2012 we entered into an agreement with our international partners in the US and Canada to create an exchange programme for undergraduates of leading universities.

The programme began in 2013 with a design exchange with our first US university partner, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio.

The group of interior design students from Bowling Green State University came to Europe in May 2013 studying interior design and architecture in four European cities. It was led by Dr. Ashutosh Sohoni, Associate Professor. The visit took in design exhibitions, trade shows and interior design projects as well as allowing the students to get a taste of British, French, Spanish and Turkish culture.

While in London, members of the group undertook placements in the offices of SBID members, learning about their design operation, and seeing first hand the differences in approaches between the two countries.

SBID launched the exchange programme to create educational opportunities and professional exposure for interior design students on both sides of the Atlantic.

In 2014 SBID launched the inaugural national student competition: Metamorphosis.

If you would like to know more or to offer a placement to an exchange student participating in this scheme in the future, please contact admin@sbid.org

The exchange programme is designed to broaden understanding of international trading techniques, presentation, trading laws and regulations as well as client and trade provider relationships. It provides second year students in UK, third to fifth year students in USA and second year students in Canada with valuable experience in the profession. This scheme has been piloted for two years and commenced in 2013 with a group of students studying in the US visiting Britain and Europe.

SBID members are invited to offer internship positions for one week in a London based design practice. Visiting students provide their own funding and pay their own expenses (travel, accommodation and fees). The internship allows the student to shadow and observe work by the design practice and undertake basic tasks. The student will have a worksheet and the practice will provide written feedback to the university course tutor who will visit the office during the internship.


There are costs involved for a practice to participate. To compensate, accredited SBID registered designers who take part will receive 10 CPD points towards their annual requirement.