SBID directly helps students of interior design through the provision of bursaries, facilitation of internships and mentoring opportunities, encouragement and promotion of scholarships and active support of student competitions at both a personal and institutional level.



The European Council for Interior Architecture (ECIA) has introduced a recognition programme for courses in Interior Architecture/Design and an educational membership?for recognised institutions.

The program ECIA and SBID aim to further the quality of professional education in Interior Architecture/Design in Europe and enhance the exchange of people, services and knowledge.

SBID Recognition offers schools a quality seal that endorses students, faculty and alumni. ?ECIA and SBID Educational Membership provides a platform for the exchange of best practice, harmonization of standards, coordination of research projects and educational and professional development.

Undergraduates in year two of a recognised university’s interior design degree course can sign up for SBID membership free of charge. A forum of twelve (or more) actively studying students per course must appoint a Student Forum Leader and register the completed application form. See our student memberships here