SBID Healthcare Council

In 2013 SBID launched its Healthcare Advisory Council, bringing together experts from this specialist field of interior design.

The Council is unique in the British design industry. It provides a forum for the ongoing exchange of research between designers, the industry and educators; it works in partnership with the government, universities and commercial organisations as well as healthcare professionals.

Interior design addresses much more than aesthetics. Intelligent and carefully planned healthcare design can make a real difference in the lives of patients and their visitors as well as healthcare employees. Carefully chosen lighting and colours improve our wellbeing and can shorten recovery time. Extensive research has been undertaken into how dementia-friendly design can improve the experience of residents in homes. Medical professionals recognise the importance of the interior as part of the healing process. This makes the role of the interior designer working in healthcare more crucial and more complex than ever.

SBID builds on current research by working closely with our council members in organisations such as dementia research and university research programmes.

Healthcare design encompasses not only hospital environments but also care homes, dental practices, general practice and residential homes. The advisory board will examine many aspects of interior design, including compliance with the Equality Act of 2010, dementia friendly design, infection control, furniture, architecture and design.

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