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SBID launched the first independently accredited membership programme in 2012, specifically for interior designers. As the first to market, it is the pre-eminent programme of education for professionals in practice. Growing year on year, SBID consulted and improved the variety of ways in which we delivered CPD to members. As the interior design professional’s lifelong learning path has evolved, SBID has also changed the ways in which we provide relevant CPD [TM] education to reflect way you work.

The Accredited CPD Programme for Interior Design is protected by copyright and trademark in 2012.

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An SBID Accredited CPD meets the highest standard of education quality control and relevance to the UK interior design industry. It has gained its status in leadership from the licensed brand providers and the Interior Designers and Architects they present to.

Our CPD attendees consist of Architects and Interior Designers at all stages of their career. SBID Accredited Designers acquire 24 CPD points per annum from an array of SBID recognised providers, each of which met the five point entry system, the SBID international Code of Conduct and independent education assessment. Once approved, CPD applicants are awarded a two-year license.

We also recognise a variety of alternative CPD providers for SBID Accredited members, for example; BRE, RIBA, CIAT, BCFA.

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