Intellectual Property


In 2010 SBID launched the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) awareness campaign to inform and educate consumers, manufacturers and buyers of the implications and damaging effects of copyright theft. By invitation, SBID has now submitted gathered evidence directly to the government.


March 2012

Government consultation on Copyright and Anti Competition


The Government’s consultation on copyright looked at the impact and costs to businesses of proposals to impose statutory codes on collective licensing societies, and to introduce new exceptions.

SBID took part in this process and is very active in the government’s on-going research programme. The consultation published in December 2011 was accompanied by a set of initial impact assessments.

The Office for Fair Trade agreed that whatever re-organisation of the competition authorities takes place, adequate resources must be made available to ensure that there is effective combating of price-fixing cartels and other anti-competitive practices.

SBID has been actively involved in the programme to review and reform defects in the current system of interior design and propose methods for improvement over the past three years. The SBID report has been submitted.

The Office of Fair Trading is of course an independent body. It is difficult for an ordinary consumer trying to deal with the combination of the OFT, Consumer Focus, Consumer Direct, the CBA and the Competition Commission to know where to go when there is an issue. This situation requires clarity.

With the restructuring, the OFT must decide where change will take place. It is hoped that it will provide real clarity on its website to give people guidance about the current structure and a clearer indication about what restructuring will mean.

The Government is set to reveal its conclusion shortly after the finalisation of the consultation…… watch this space!

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January 2012

SBID’s IP Campaign is supported by: The Late Robin Gibb CBE CBE, Adam Morallee of Mishcon de Reya.

The Late Robin Gibb CBE was a British born citizen who was responsible for pumping hundreds of millions of pounds into the British economy. With his brothers he formed the Bee Gees, a trio of the world’s most successful composers, singers and musicians. During his life, Robin campaigned tirelessly for talented but often unsung heroes, whether they were artists in the creative industry and members of the armed forces.

The Late Robin Gibb CBE gave his support to SBID as Ambassador for Intellectual Property.

 Robin Gibb CBE died in London on 20 May 2012 at the age of 62 from liver and kidney failure.


Adam Morallee is regarded as a leader in the field of Intellectual Property, advising on copyright, trademark and regulatory disputes. He is a Partner of leading law firm, Mishcon de Reya which has  an international reputation that is supported by global clients in sport, technology, design product and interior design.

• Advising Gucci, Lacoste, Speedo and other well-known brands on day to day intellectual property and regulatory issues.

• Advising Microsoft on various trade mark and copyright actions, including the well-publicised judgment in Microsoft v Ling & Others.

• Advising Leyton Orient on their challenge to the award of the Olympic Stadium to West Ham.


Mishcon de Reya is one of the UK’s leading law firms. It excels in business. Here is a small but representative selection of their clients: • American Express • British Land Plc • Christian Louboutin • Microsoft • Dell • Foxtons • Gucci Group • Harvey Nichols • Universal Music Group.

SBID seeks to maintain the highest standards. If we enter into a partnership with any other organisation and their conduct breaches fundamental rules on intellectual property, we will and have severed our business link. It is an overriding guarantee to ensure SBID continues to best represent our members and remains true to our core values.  SBID is a kite-mark organisation of standards to the profession of designers and the design industry. SBID is designed for business.

December 2011

I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You

Dear SBID members,

I’m sure I speak for all of you when I wish our Ambassador Robin Gibb CBE a speedy recovery from his ill health. Robin, as you will know, accepted the role of protecting the creative rights for British interior designers following his many years of fighting the corner for artists globally as President of CISAC. Unfortunately just before his scheduled appearance in Paris to present the SBID International Design Awards he became ill and was instructed by doctors not to travel.

In August  he had recorded a new version of  The Bee Gees’ classic ‘I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You’ with The Soldiers (servicemen fresh from tours of duty in war zones such as Afghanistan). The song, originally a number one in 1968, was chosen as the official song for this year’s British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Because he did not want to let down the servicemen and their families Robin made brave attempts to complete as many scheduled appearances in support of the release but had to cancel an appearance with Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing St among others.

In December, Warner Music release an album of Bee Gees hits to coincide with Robin and his brothers being the subject of a British television special: The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees Songs.

His first foray into classical music, A Requiem For Titanic, was composed with his son Robin John and recorded with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It is due to be released to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of The Titanic in 1912.

Many SBID members are global leaders and know that 2012 will present many challenges. Robin announced he will still be our proud Ambassador. We all look forward to a healthy and prosperous year ahead and in the meantime he wishes you a very happy Christmas.

Vanessa Brady
SBID President

October 2011

Short questionnaire on the use of design related intellectual property in the UK


As part of the Government’s response to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is seeking to build the evidence base surrounding the use of design IP. The responses to this survey, together with a ‘call for evidence’ and other economic evidence which the IPO is commissioning, will help shape proposals to improve the UK design system. These will be set out in a formal consultation on the UK design system, due to take place by summer 2012.

August 2011

Culture MP supports SBID and Gibb as key Standards advocates

MP John Whittingdale took some time out of chairing the parliamentary phone hacking inquiry to show his support for two key Standards advocates of the Creative Industries.

In August the MP for Malden and chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport committee John Whittingdale attended a performance of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ at the Apollo Theatre with Robin Gibb CBE, member of The Bee Gees, and President of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), and Vanessa Brady, President of SBID (Society of British Interior Design).

The party enjoyed the brilliant political play in London’s West End, and even struck a pose with the cast at the end of the sell-out performance.

As President of CISAC, a global organisation for the protection of copyright to the arts, Robin Gibb CBE has added star power to organisation’s advocacy work. Robin’s support, letters and speeches in favour of authors’ rights have helped to halt detrimental legislation or protect creators’ rights in Brazil, Chile, Croatia, India and Serbia.

Robin is also the Ambassador for SBID’s Intellectual Property protection campaign. Robin said: “I have a good relationship with John on the very important matters concerning copyright legislation, but it’s also good to have some light relief like this evening.”

Vanessa Brady is President of SBID, the UK’s leading body for the profession of interior design in Britain. Vanessa said: “Besides the serious side of business, what we deliver is in the creative industries of art, design and theatre. It’s important to support each other. All these industries have similar issues and together we hope to make a difference.”

Vanessa Brady, Robin Gibb CBE and MP John Whittingdale pose together, and with Yes, Prime Minister cast (right)

July 2011

SBID’s IP Ambassador,  Robin Gibb CBE, addressed the World Copyright Summit in Brussels last month and spoke with an immense understanding and knowledge of copyright issues facing the creative industries on a global stage.

SBID launched the copyright protection campaign to promote and protect design in Britain as a valuable form of income not only to the design inventor, but to the British economy as a successful industry and income generator.

Too much of the produce of British talent is duplicated overseas without protection of intellectual property rights or payment for the original design to the creator. This is unacceptable, especially when this creativity is central to the livelihood of more than 185,000 designers in the UK. Intellectual property rights are not just about protecting original ideas. They are about ensuring that the major investment into research and technology by product designers, architects and manufacturer is not at risk from property theft.

Robin Gibb, a British born citizen who resides in Oxford, understands these issues. With his brothers he formed The Bee Gees who are among the most successful composers and performers in music history, with classic hits dating back over five decades. Robin has successfully led campaigns across the world to protect the rights of musicians and composers and local music industries rights.

SBID is examining ways in which the successes of the music industry in protecting intellectual property can be applied to design manufacture.

SBID has fast become the British standard bearer destination for design practitioners and suppliers to the industry able to meet the assured quality criteria.

Vanessa Brady, President of SBID, said: “We are very proud to have the support of Robin, he not only understands the issues the interior design industry face when intellectual property and design is stolen, he also cares passionately about the creative arts and has successfully campaigned across the world to change copyright law in several countries to change the injustice that in 2011 still exists in interior design”.

“We have consulted with as many copyright protection bodies and organisations as we are aware of in the interior design sector. SBID is simply trying to address issues that will damage the prosperity of our members and the British design industry. SBID is engaged with MPs, government destinations and privately sponsored companies on several areas to create change. We commenced a national research programme to measure Market forces.”

Robin Gibb CBE and Vanessa Brady

June 2011

In 2009 SBID began campaigning at the House of Commons to protect Intellectual Property for Interior Design, listing the problem of non-payment for creative arts and skills. The government has listened and are fully engaged to support the SBID campaign.

The Minister of Business Innovation and Skills, Baroness Wilcox, and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have backed the SBID campaign.

Vanessa Brady, SBID President, said: “SBID can finally pull all the strands together, this project has taken an enormous amount of work behind the scenes and would not have happened without the support of Robin Gibb CBE and his team, his influence and that of the British IPO and parliament will lead to a positive change in legislation for designers across Britain.”

Baroness Wilcox and the IPO concede piracy and poor duplication of great British design costs UK billions of pounds per year in cost revenue and that means money from the pockets of our members. SBID is delighted to have obtained the support of such influential individual representatives and bodies.


April 2009

Today, SBID is proud to confirm that Robin Gibb CBE, has accepted an invitation to become an Ambassador due to his ceaseless commitment to protect the rights of creators across all genres.

As President of CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), a global organisation for the protection of copyright to the arts) since June 2007, Robin has added star power to CISAC’s advocacy work.

The organisation represents three million creators worldwide. Robin’s letters and speeches in favour of authors’ rights inevitably attract the attention of the global media and have helped to halt detrimental legislation and protect creators’ rights in Brazil, Chile, Croatia, India and Serbia.