SBID advocates for the intellectual
property protection of its members and the wider interior design industry

The SBID Intellectual Property (IPP) initiative is a global campaign to prevent IP theft in the interior design industry. Launched as an industry first in 2010, it was developed to inform the industry about the implications and damaging effects of copyright theft.

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the initiative was relaunched at the House of Commons, Westminster London, in association with TM – Eye, the City of London Police, Trading Standards and the Intellectual Property Office in order to assist the industry to obtain objective evidence of design ownership and raise awareness of what designers need to do to properly protect their work.

Intellectual Property theft is an unaddressed challenge in the interior design industry which poses a threat, not only to the development of the industry but to the profits brought in to the UK economy. The issue is one of stolen ideas after a commercial presentation, without consent or a fee. This could typically be the theft of ideas created in an interior designed space or product. Theft of this nature is an ongoing problem for business investors in all creative sectors of design and manufacture as well for consumers who are put at risk, completely unaware when they purchase an imitation product which is unfit for purpose and poorly manufactured without the necessary tested safety marques that could cause untold damage to property.

SBID have a corporate social responsibility to provide a route for all business enterprises to help protect the supply chain where it is vulnerable. The SBID Intellectual Property Protection initiative provides a route to recovery or prevention for design owners and differs from all other IP registrations and destinations because it has identified and provided the missing solution which is to enforce punishment for perpetrators.

  • Intellectual Property OfficeIntellectual Property Office
  • London PoliceLondon Police
  • National Trading StandardsNational Trading Standards

It offers a route to pursue prosecution and will offer a systematic platform of registering ideas from inception in association with the Intellectual Property Office in autumn 2018. This register will provide design owners with the confidence and support they need to bring a criminal charge against the perpetrators.

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