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What's the difference between SBID and other organisations?
SBID was created to set a British standard of best practice to the profession of interior design. Within six months of incorporation, we were selected to solely represent the UK at the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) which unites 16 EU member countries. Our successful membership to the ECIA opened the door to Europe and beyond, providing UK with an opportunity previously denied due to inability to meet the required minimum entry standards and competences. This significant milestone finally creates a route for Britain to collaborate with fellow partner countries to create a united European standard of professional practice for interior design.
I'm a professional designer with a degree - why should I join SBID?
As a designer and design professional, belonging to the leading industry body of your competitive profession adds value to your reputation and provides a comfort to your clients that you provide a service to the recognised industry standard.
Why don't you display your members like other organisations?
Because data is market sensitive, it is our intellectual property. We NEVER disclose our full database because the majority of SBID membership told us in feedback consultation they have joined for professional reasons.
Can I obtain the SBID database if I become a member or can I buy it independently?
We never sell our members’ details. If you wish to contact members you can only do so through direct SBID mailings or SBID events.
I’m a designer - How much does it cost?
£1 per day.  Membership costs start at £365 (+vat) per annum to accredit a single professional designer. To see the full list of membership benefits and options click here.
I’m a designer – what’s in it for me?
SBID accreditation aids company reputation and creates opportunity for commercial development within the design sector and potential clients. As a member you receive:
    • Use of the SBID logo appellation on your marketing and promotional material
    • PR opportunities within the Society Journal and numerous other trade and consumer publications
    • Networking opportunities to meet potential clients, manufacturers and press
    • Monthly newsletters with updates on the latest products and events in the industry across the globe
    • Free VIP tickets to numerous international trade events
    • Special trade discounts
    • Sponsored international trade delegations
  To join click here.
I’m a supplier how much does it cost?
Membership fees for our Professional Industry Partners (PIPs) start from £795 (+vat). To see the full list of membership options click here.
Who qualifies to be a Professional Industry Partner (PIP)?
Anyone who meets the five point membership corporate social responsibility entry system qualifies to supply a service or product.
We are an established product/service supplier, why should we join SBID?
Joining SBID demonstrates to interior designers, architects and consumers that your company has reached an EU standard of competence, skill and quality.
SBID provides key networking and business development opportunities for suppliers to meet designers and architects working on local and international projects. SBID hosts small bespoke events which target the demographic of commercial interest to all attendees in addition to larger networking events which encompass all sectors of the design industry.
PIPs receive media exposure via Society Journal, the SBID website, SBID newsletters, SBID social media platforms, numerous trade and consumer publications. We also provide exclusive discounted advertising rates with media partners.
SBID actively supports innovation in product design through technology, research and development. Separation of poor quality manufacture and product performance provides an industry recognised quality endorsement to repeat purchasers….SBID members.
SBID will accredit and certify your CPDs (Continued Professional Development) and position your company in front of active design professionals seeking to undertake certified CPD in order to maintain awareness of legal changes, product upgrades, compliance issues relating to the profession of interior design.
SBID members have the exclusive option to enter up to 10 submissions free of charge in the SBID International Design Awards.
I belong to another organisation, they told me I cannot join SBID and also be a member of theirs; does SBID have the same policy?
This would NOT be legally binding unless it is a private club or business. For a national professional organisation it would be an unfair contractual term. SBID would not presume to advise anyone how they should spend their own money or restrict freedom of choice. Our role is to assist you to grow your business and enhance your reputation.
I'm not British, can I join?
Yes, anyone who meets the entry rules and abides by the code of conduct can join SBID: restriction is neither geographical or by birthplace. Restriction is only by lack of competence, knowledge, business acumen, ethics or corporate social responsibility.
I don't live or practice in Britain, can I still join SBID?
If you can meet SBID entry standards you can join and reside in any country in the world, you will not receive all the same benefits as a UK resident due to relativity but you will receive the benefit of accreditation, access to international trade events and promotion via SBID PR and press contacts.
I am already a member of an international organisation – can I join?
Members of the listed organisations below are automatically entitled to accredited membership through the entry rules of the ECIA.  
  • ASID
  • ECIA
  • IDC
  • IIDA
  • RIBA
  • RICS
I am a student enrolled on a recognised SBID degree course, I know I can automatically join SBID as a 'MEMBER' but how much does it cost?
If you are studying a BA or MA degree at any of the SBID recognised Universities you can join SBID free of charge through a £50,000 SBID sponsorship scheme.
I am enrolled on a BA/MA degree course but my course is not SBID recognised - can I join?
Yes, you can join SBID as a student if you are studying a degree course in interior architecture and interior design. Membership is £25 (+VAT) per annum. For different membership categories see here.
What is a CPD?
The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way by which all professionals maintain and update their industry knowledge and skills after qualification. SBID can help your company provide certified CPD and put you in front of those who are seeking to undertake certified CPD in order to maintain awareness of legal changes, product upgrades, compliance issues, research and development and technologies relating to the profession of interior design.
Why do I need to do CPD?
Design practitioners sell advice and sell ideas – in order to ensure you are aware of up to date industry knowledge you need to be constantly learning about new technology, legislation and sector changes so as to provide effective accurate advice.
SBID is the organisation that established the industry standard for Interior Design – what is your own proficiency measurement?
SBID is a facilitator to all stakeholders. Our role is to create partnerships to provide you – the professional – with relevant and current knowledge and information to help you enhance your professional industry standing in doing so we help to reduce industry complaints and therefore bring comfort to the consumer.