Please see below the list of questions that we get asked most frequently. If your query is not answered here, please call the SBID office on +44 (0)207 738 9383 or email info@sbid.org.

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What's the difference between SBID and other organisations?
SBID was specifically selected by the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) from other applicants including British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and other informal education groups as the sole British representative, due to standards and competences set, as well as professional best practice. The ECIA unites the 17 EU member countries with the UK official leadingdesignorganisation, so as to meet the EU standard. This significant milestone finally allows Britain, after nineteen years, to join fellow countries within the European Union to agree a united and translated quality of standard.
I'm a professional designer with a degree - why should I join SBID?
As a designer and design professional, belonging to the leading industry body will add value to your reputation. Furthermore, it will bring added comfort to potential clients with the knowledge that you have met the criteria to promote the highest UK standards, as laid down by The European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA), equally joining seventeen countries in Europe.
Why is SBID better than competitors offering similar benefits?
SBID has consistently led the industry. Below is the SBID business model created and UNIQUELY owned by SBID:
  • SBID was the first to launch expert panels.
  • SBID was the first to launch an advisory board of renowned experts.
  • SBID was the first to launch a sustainability policy and programme.
  • SBID was the first to launch a CPD provider programme.
  • SBID was the first to launch international sponsored trips.
  • SBID was the first to launch Honorary Membership.
Other design organisations have now copied this copyright-protected model, hence our determined lobbying of copyright protection – see our campaigns here.
You don't display your members like other organisations - Why?
Because the data is market sensitive, it is our intellectual property. We NEVER disclose our full database.
Is your database available through third parties, can I obtain it if I become a member or can I buy it?
Absolutely not. We never sell our members’ details: no single destination has possession of our membership database. If you wish to mail our members you can only do so directly through SBID independently. SBID does not permit direct mailing by third-party marketing, we do not sell our database to others nor do we permit others in part possession of our database to sell it. Membership does not provide access to the membership, you will view only those who register a profile for marketing opportunities on the accredited member page and thePIPs* Directory. *PIPs = Professional Industry Partner
How much does it cost & what's in it for me?
£1 per day.  Membership costs £295 plus VAT per annum. Membership provides kudos and opportunity to promote designers, industry suppliers and products that are not only successful in the design industry but are also highly trained and experienced. Leading in design and ethics, our designers showcase their qualifications and standardrecognised not just by SBID but a third party, endorsed by an EU agreed professional standard. As a member of the leading European organisation with the highest British standards, you will be promoting your expertise through your connection to SBID. As a member you receive:
  • Regular industry updates on new products, technology, opinion, government changes, relevant industry news and business-to-business events access. Following from that we also offer the pan-industry benefit, plus networking opportunities, sponsored international trade events, newsletters, PR openings and special discounts, makes membership an obvious investment.
  • Just as important as received benefits is the external endorsement YOU offer potential and existing clients. The internationally recognised SBID brand denotes quality of experience and competence, service and products which immediately demonstrates your qualifications and standards providing you with a competitive edge.
For different membership categories, see here.
I belong to another organisation, they told me I cannot join you at SBID and be a member of theirs; does SBID have the same policy?
This would be an unfair contractual condition and NOT legally binding for oneorganisation to restrict membership of another. SBID would not presume to tell anyone how they should spend their own money. Our role is to assist you, grow your business and enhance your reputation.
We are an established supplier, why should we join SBID?
SBID actively supports and protects development in product design through technology, research and development, new product launch and unique design. Separation by qualification will place your brand in the Member-only SBID product directory. SBID Ambassador for copyright protection, Robin Gibb CBE is working with a target specific committee, to share existing problems and proposed solutions in countries across the world. His aim is to update draconian British law so as to protect the fundamental rights of designers as the creator of ideas, to be the owner of their ideas and prevent duplication without payment. Robin Gibb as President of CISAC (the global copyright protection organisation for creative industries) has successfully campaigned to change the law in several countries. Membership will provide opportunity to consult on this global problem with the Minister of Copyright and the Intellectual Property Office who are supporting SBID in this endeavour.
I'm not British, can I join?
Yes, anyone can join SBID: restriction is not geographical. Restriction is by lack of competence, knowledge, business acumen, ethics and corporate social responsibility.
I don't live or practice in Britain, can I still join SBID?
If you can meet SBID entry standards you can join and reside in any country in the world, you will not receive all the same benefits as a UK-resident due to relativity but you will receive the benefit of accreditation and access to international trade events.
I am a NCIDQ Certificate holder - can I join SBID?
NCIDQ Certificate holders are automatically entitled to accredited membership through the entry rules of the ECIA.
I am enrolled on a recognised SBID degree course, I know I can automatically join SBID as a 'MEMBER' but how much does it cost?
If you are studying a BA or MA degree at any of the SBID recognised Universities you can join SBID free of charge through a £50,000 SBID sponsorship scheme.
I am enrolled on a BA/MA degree course but my course is not SBID recognised - can I join?
Yes, you can join SBID as a student if you are studying a degree course in interior architecture and interior design. Membership is £25 per annum. For different membership categories, see here.
Why do I need it?
Design practitioners sell advice and sell ideas – in order to ensure you are aware of up to date knowledge in your industry you need to keep up to date with new technology and sector changes so as to provide effective and accurate advice.
SBID is an organisation providing and setting the industry standard for ID – what is your own proficiency measurement?
A very good question! SBID is a facilitator between those in practice, those in or graduated from recognised education and those service support industries and products of the interior design industry. Our role is not to judge, our role is to bring together partnerships to provide you – the professional – with the relevant and current knowledge to help you enhance your industry knowledge so as to hold yourself out as a professional. We have partnered with The Building Centre CPD Accreditation to bring the SBID accredited CPD program. This is regulated by The Building Centre and those supplying an accredited CPD module will have gone through a rigorous measurement system.