By forging regional, national and international partnerships, SBID works to protect, promote and celebrate interior design.

We collaborate with numerous trade and professional bodies whose interests overlap with those of SBID members. We host monthly events at museums, hotels, showrooms, galleries, warehouses, factories and universities across the UK.

SBID also hosts and participates in round tables, forums and conferences and encourages inclusion from all sectors of competitive interior design.

SBID has consulted with the UK government in matters of trade, engineering, export, finance and manufacture to ensure that we and our members operate in an inclusive, ethical and qualified competitive design industry, fit for world trade.

We also regularly consult directly with the Bank of England on how interest rates impact on the interior design industry and our members are invited to get involved at all levels of industry consultation to shape the professions future and the broader Industry.

SBID is active in 45 countries and is represented across the world. We are the official UK partner to a variety of overseas trade events, particularly in France and Italy where together our three countries hold a leadership in design recognised around the world.

In the Gulf States and the United States of America, SBID holds unique partnerships to create opportunities for trade and promotion of British design and product supply. In Canada and New Zealand, SBID is also active in setting and representing trading standards for the UK.

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